How it Works

Each programmes is delivered through ONE-to-ONE coaching: Before embarking on your journey on self-improvement with 360You, an initial free 20 minute conversation will take place. This is will ensure that you choosing the right programme and are matched with the correct associate. You will then be invited to sign up and book your place.


Find true satisfaction in life 

  • Find out who you really are

  • Explore what is important to you

  • Set yourself standards in life that represent the true you.

Decision Making

Overwhelmed about having to make a major decision

  • Understand the need for a decision

  • Explore your choices from all perspectives

  • Move forward on you choice with confidence


Understand what being successful means to you

  • Discover what success means to you

  • Review your life to appreciate your successes​

  • Design your life and plan your destinations.

Stress Management

Struggling with managing your current life

  • Explore how you can manage your stress

  • Approaches personalised to your needs and desires

  • Take control of you life and produce a new sense of calm.


Define your goals and starting actioning them 

  • Create goals that motivate you

  • Produce action plans that allow you be to achieve your goals

  • Enable yourself to be accountable


Life feeling out of balance, unsure of what you need.

  • Reconnect with your passions and desires

  • Understand your motivators

  • Connect with yourself and your surroundings

Still Unsure?

Investing in one-to-one coaching is a commitment to change in which you are taking control. There is no quick fix, a one hour sessions will be a kick start, however for the change to stick more regularly sessions will be needed. 


On choosing 360you will be provided with a dedicated coach with a proven success rate. They will support and guide you on your journey, in which they will take our programmes and tailor-make them to meet your needs. Everything is focused on you, designed for you, quality time spent on you.

Value yourself,

Value living your best life,

Value the successes you are designed to achieve.

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