Working From Home

Updated: Apr 29

Work from home (WFH), has been the norm for many over the last year. I have a friend who documents every day she has been working from home on Facebook with photos of her changing desk layout and daily walks. "DAY 325 I have a new water bottle and took the kids on a new route to school today", To keep it going has made her happy and provided her friends with some light entertainment on their Facebook feeds, including when she documented the battle over the dining room table with her husband who has been WFH too, and it turns out the cat won.

If you have not already, conversations would have been started with your employers/employees on how working patterns will resume in the coming months. A new type of Hybrid model is being introduced in some companies such as PwC, where staff have been told they will spend between two and three days in the office. Grant Thorton's UK employees have expired a desire to spend less than half the working week in the office, and this desire seems to be shared amongst 88% of the workforce irrespective of age, gender and location.

IS WFH for YOu?

I personally like WFH as although it is was challenging to work with 3 children at home during lockdowns, it gives me the flexibility that my family need. It allows me to quickly put a load of washing on, cook dinner and have a break to take the dog for a walk whilst being able to reply to emails, fitting in coaching sessions and teach piano my other passion. With this said one of my strengths is multi-tasking.

My husband on the other hand, although he does enjoy being home earlier and having the chance for a cup of coffee break with his family he strongly advocates being in the office. He can focus more, has less distractions and feels that he is more productive. I believe that if he needed to he could change his mindset to work from home, but his preference is to have a desk in a work-focused location away from the distraction of the home.

Are you more productive at home or in the office?

This week when coaching a Director on decision making, he has encountered this exact question. Are his employees more productive at home or in the office? The obstacle moving his company forward following a survey was that there is an even split in those who wish to WFH and those who wish to return to their office.

In the past year he has acknowledged that his company has been successful in many aspects but knows that his measurement of success has greatly changed. He knows that he has kept his company running, kept all his employees, paid them 100% of their wages and is still cash flow positive. The big decision he now needs to make is;

What is my companies policy on working hours moving forward?

Taking the 360YOU approach in which the conservation ensures that all angles of the decision is considered. My client now has a set of actions to execute this week to enable him to feel confident with the decision he needs to make.

Questions we explored during our session, most asked by himself to himself in the session.

  1. Am I more productive in the office or at home?

  2. Has my team been productive working from home?

  3. How can I measure the productivity of working from home, when so much has been changed over the last year?

  4. Do I want to create a hybrid work pattern?

  5. What impact will each decision have on my company?

  6. Will I lose employees?

  7. What about office rental space?

  8. How will I keep a positive work moral?

  9. What will the impact be on my personal life?

  10. How can I ensure that I am being a fair employee with people working different times and different places?

  11. Who do I know who has done this previously I can ask for advice and support?

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