We all need to recharge, have you ever found that when you have lost something the more you look for it, the harder it is to find? You stop looking then all of sudden, Da Daaaa, you remember where it is.

Our brains, bodies, emotions all need a rest to recharge, to have a break and remember what it is we are doing.

  • Mental Overload is real

  • Stress is real

  • Fatigue is real

A good break from normality can do wonders for your well-being, boost your ability to manage your emotions, your life and allow you to come back with a new level of energy and vitality.

  • Stop staring at your phone

  • Ignore your emails

  • Sit back find a good film, that you have watched before.

  • Make yourself your favourite food and drink and RELAX.

I regularly advise clients that sometimes the best thing to do is nothing when they trying to find a solution to a problem or decide which direction they should take.

The answer to their problem or the clarity to which direction to take can sometimes be found by stopping, having a break, then when they are re-energised just simply going with the flow.

They are still in control, they are just choosing, some would say to slow down, take in their surroundings and see where the world wants to take them.