Fear is a real emotion, it can be healthy and protect you from danger or it can be hindering you, stopping you from reaching your potential.

F - False

E - Emotions and evidence that

A - Appear

R - Real

How do you determine whether your fear is protecting you or is irrational and stopping you?

I have a fear of falling off a cliff, this stops me from getting too close to the edge.

I have a fear that my toddler will fall down the stairs, this encourages me to watch him carefully and put up stair gates.

I had a fear of wasps, following a childhood experience. This fear of wasps, that they will all sting me and I do not want to suffer the pain is irrational and stopped me from relaxing outside in summer. It was hindering my love for eating outside with friend and family.

I have a fear that people will criticise my writing due to my dyslexia and judge my level of language, grammar and punctuation, rather than on the content.

What are your fears and do they impact your life negatively?

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